The Serenity Prayer


Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, courage to change the things I can, and wisdom to know the difference.  A simple, yet powerful message. Many people recognize these famous words, but most don’t realize that this message is actually a prayer. In fact, this prayer is so old that no […]

What Feeds My Soul?

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My new friend, Chicken Soup for the Soul author Maria Rodgers invited me to be part of a blog hop that asked me to answer a few questions about writing and invite some of my favorite authors to contribute too. What am I working on? A new crystal and affirmation book. Why do I write […]



The first night in Africa we stayed in a hotel in Nairobi as we arrived too late (3 of 4 flights) to continue traveling on. That night my dream was vivid. I woke up thinking was this for real or was I dreaming? In my dream I met a male lion in the garden. At […]

How to Find Clarity in Your Everyday

Happy Valentines Day

“When I get confused, when my mind is wrestling with what to do, I’ve learned to abandon my thought process completely. The best solution, I have discovered lies in asking my heart for direction. This requires that I stop my mental chatter, either by sitting in silence or by doing something completely different. In the […]