Elizabeth Irvine Workshops

Who doesn’t need more energy, peace and joy in their life? Nurse, yoga teacher and author of A Moment’s Peace Elizabeth Irvine, leads stress reduction workshops.

Speaker Elizabeth Irvine on Stress Reduction: Yoga, Mandalas, Stillness & Creativity

Whether Elizabeth works with a group for an hour, full day or weekend retreat, her ability to translate ancient wisdom into every day language will relax, inspire and empower others. Irvine uses a combination of techniques such as: simple gentle yoga poses, the balancing art of mandala coloring, self-reflection through journaling or a learning to relax through guided meditation. These methods become “take-home tools” to create true wellbeing.

With her practical, clear, and simple advice, Elizabeth keeps our feet on the ground while simultaneously inspiring us also to look within and connect to a higher force. - Swami Vedantananda Saraswati

Loved it. Felt I can actually implement the tools you taught us, that it wasn’t something I just experienced for the day. I can enjoy the experience whenever. Simplicity given is wonderful. - Ana

Fall 2014

Sacred Space Workshop – November 22nd

JUNG CENTER, Houston, Texas

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Meditation Workshop – September 10th, October 8th, & November 6th


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Mandala Coloring Workshop – November 8th

BIG YOGA, Houston, Texas

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Spring 2015

Soul Space Retreat

TRAVAASA, Austin, Texas

For more information & to reserve your spot, contact us at info@elizabethirvine.com.