Crave the Good Feeling

Gentle yoga stretches, breathing and meditation are three powerful tools that make up my daily morning practice of yoga– a practice that brings balance to my body and re-connects me to my soul everyday.

Just like brushing my teeth
Those tools have become as essential and regular for me as brushing my teeth or washing my face every morning. My practice gives me a way to tap into a place that allows my body to self-heal and re-connect to me and my divine essence and I have more capacity to deal with whatever life deals me. After fifteen years of dedicating an hour of my day to my practice, there are still mornings I  have to convince myself to begin! However, once I light my incense as a ritual of my intention to create this sacred space and allow my body to stretch, I am almost instantly transported into a new and better place.

You can feel this way too
If you dedicate the time to practice every day you too will begin to see a real difference, increased energy, a sense of calm, and more joy. Yoga is not an exercise that asks you to wear special clothes, hang out with an incense-burning crowd, or become vegetarian. It can begin as simply as taking some time to explore the idea of focusing your attention in a new way. You can wear your p.j.’s, relax in a quiet space and count your breaths, or try out some gentle stretches with focused awareness in a pair of jeans, or sit and quietly meditate on your bus ride home.

How I got into yoga
I began with a weekly Wednesday morning gentle breath-based yoga class in a local activity center—on Wednesdays I felt fantastic, and so I kept going.What I am suggesting is you decide what might work for you—what you can do to ensure that you will begin to care for your body and soul. And if that means a morning walk while focusing on each step in connection with your breath, or any of the  numerous ways reconnecting with you happens– just do it.

Crave the good feeling
What I can say, is that once you get a taste for the good feelings of caring for YOU can bring–be prepared to continue, as your body and mind will crave the repercussions of balance–ultimately healthier, happier and more at ease in this new and better place. Nothing beats a certified, enthusiastic, compassionate teacher to guide you on your path. I frequently remind women the best way to find a class that fits is—to make it convenient, and resonate with your teacher. If you aren’t too sure about the class, keep looking—the good news is you can sign up for a yoga class almost anywhere: a local gym or YMCA, a studio, or a church hall. Set your intention and dedicate your energy to make it happen. You’ll be so glad that you did.

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