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Workshops & Retreats

Integrative health expert, nurse, yoga instructor and author, Elizabeth Irvine, offers health and spiritual counsel in her soulful workshops & retreats.

Whether Elizabeth works with a group for an hour, full day or weekend retreat, her ability to translate ancient wisdom into every day language will relax, inspire and empower others. Her experience as a speaker and workshop presenter is vast and includes resorts such as Miraval, AZ and Cal a Vie, CA; as well as corporations such as Kate Spade and M.D. Anderson’s Integrative Medicine Program. Currently at the Jung Center and the Houstonian Health Club & Spa.

Irvine leads retreats for intimate groups in locations around the world. Plan your experience now.

plan your experience


Irvine uses a combination of techniques such as: simple gentle yoga poses, the balancing art of mandala coloring, self-reflection through journaling or learning to relax through guided meditation. These methods become “take-home tools” to create true wellbeing.


corporate, co-worker, girlfriend, team or family member, mother-daughter


one hour, 3 hour, half-day, full day, 2-3 night retreat


yoga & meditation, mandala coloring, team building, self -care, equine assisted therapy, dream work, intuition, sacred space



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Loved it. Felt I can actually implement the tools you taught us, that it wasn’t something I just experienced for the day. I can enjoy the experience whenever. Simplicity given is wonderful. – Ana


I learned so many incredible techniques that I plan to use forever.  I am, no, “was” a big worrier and now I feel I can process life better. – Sara


With her practical, clear, and simple advice, Elizabeth keeps our feet on the ground while simultaneously inspiring us also to look within and connect to a higher force. – Swami Vedantananda Saraswati


Elizabeth Irvine classes are the perfect balance of physical and mental workout and inspiration. And if you’re lucky enough to join one of her retreats, prepare for a uniquely truthful experience — a combination of fun camaraderie, inner awareness and a peacefulness that stays with you as you go back to the crazy real world. – Jenna


Elizabeth’s work is transformative. She safely and compassionately guides you to a deeper sense of self through her workshops on intuition, affirmations and meditation. – Elaine


Elizabeth Irvine’s Yoga and Meditation retreat became the catalyst for changing the trajectory of my year. Through her compassionate teaching, I was able to embrace my true soul calling and make life-long friends at the same time. – Jodie


As always, y’all are masters of crafting an experience! – Misha Laird, Houstonian Yoga Program Coordinator

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