I am developing content for a series of e-courses. I want to ask your opinion. 

The topics include; breath work, meditation, affirmations, sacred space, intuitive counsel and dream analysis — all techniques of self-care that become avenues to self-discovery. With dedication to these practices you begin to live in a new healthier and happier way, uncover what it is you really love to do and what you really want, and life begins to flow a little easier.

The online course will provide information through interactive content, podcasts (you can listen, instead of read) and include a guided meditation. 

My question for you: Which specific topics interest you most? 

Add a comment about what you want on the blog.

In gratitude for your help in developing this content, I want to offer you the free download: Five Ways to Create a Healthier and Happier Life.

(We will email it to you after we read your comment)