My initial journey in discovering the body’s ability to self-heal began in London with a sick baby. While my family was living in England, our baby son Sam developed severe allergies that led me to search for a wider knowledge, a deeper understanding of the roots of disease. The top medical experts had told me that Sam’s condition was unfixable, and that the only treatment was to try and ease the symptoms and keep him comfortable. I was scared as the prescribed treatments were not helping. As a nurse, I understood the language of conventional medicine; as a mother, I knew this answer was unacceptable. Over the years, Sam and I learned about a more natural way of living—simple but powerful tools of food, yoga, relaxation, and myriad other ways of allowing the body to self-heal. Through Sam’s recovery, I learned to walk a new, gray line that accepts both conventional medicine and complementary medicine as helpful and necessary. My son’s challenge became my portal that led me to a place of new possibilities and the discovery of a new way of caring for his little body, and my own.– HEALTHY MOTHER HEALTHY CHILD

In 2001 a mother & child yoga video was created to express my passion that our body can heal itself. I needed a way to sell  this video, so I started a company and named it Truewellbeing. Through the years we have continued to grow due to it’s original intention: To help you uncover the best part of YOU, your personal true well being. 

We have been fortunate to know many beautiful people encouraging and guiding us along our way. Most recently P&R productions put together a series of videos to help us share our story.