In Touch with the Earth

As a child, I wore a birthstone ring on my finger. The golden topaz stone made me aware of my connection to my self and to the Earth in a new way. Ever since, I’ve been consciously aware of the energy a gemstone can give us — if we are open to noticing its power.

The intention behind our design for The Touchstone Collection is based on the beneficial Ayurvedic principle of a gemstone being in contact with your skin. This new design’s intention is to create that same feeling many of us experienced as a child, wearing a special ring that resonated with you– a genuine connection to the Earth and self.

We chose Blue Topaz because it is in the same gem family as Aquamarine,


Not all power comes from force. Through Blue Topaz we feel the cool and soothing natural power of water, and we allow ourselves to flow with the current. We work through chaos and negative emotions.



In connection to my self and to the Earth, I feel calm and communicate with clarity.


A collection of rings and necklaces handcrafted with Brazilian blue topaz and sterling silver.

12 carat ring with sterling silver shank and open back bezel.

2 carat necklace with sterling silver chain and open back bezel.

Available for resize of your choice.