In the fall of 2010, the idea was born to offer a Serenity Bead design and The Jewelry Project unfolded. We stepped back amazed, as this jewelry business often felt guided by a higher force. This project always had a mind of its own– as does anything that is full of intention.

Read about our decision for The Jewelry Project Following our Heart.

Each piece has a simple, yet powerful intention to be a talisman, to bring you comfort and peace throughout your day.

So, here it is… our final collection of Serenity Beads.
We came back to our classic gems and styles, and trickled in a few new delights of peridot, kunzite, and blue topaz.

AFFIRM: I wear my talisman of serenity. I honor the best version of myself.

with love,
Elizabeth, Allie and Sarah