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Tag - meditation

Soul Space Retreat, Travassa Resort

Travel, Workshops & Retreats

Elizabeth Irvine’s 2015 Soul Space Retreat at Travaasa Resort & Spa in Austin, Texas. Three days of yoga, meditation, & soul work.

How to Find Clarity in Your Everyday


“When I get confused, when my mind is wrestling with what to do, I’ve learned to abandon my thought process completely. The best solution, I have discovered lies in asking my heart for direction. This requires that I…

Jung Center Summer Workshop

Blog, Workshops & Retreats

 Instructor and author Elizabeth Irvine leads this contemplative creativity workshop   How can we more energy, stay healthy, and feel more peace and joy? This unique, creative yoga workshop begins with gentle yoga asanas, which emphasize breathing and…

New Year New You Workshop at Define Body & Mind


WHERE: Define Body & Mind Studio, River Oaks location COST: $95.00 ( Includes take home tools: A Moment’s Peace, Sounds of Stillness CD & Coloring Mandala Meditation Workbook)

No Time to Meditate? : A Moment’s Peace Inspiration #18


Does the thought of sitting crossed-legged, eyes closed, chanting “auh-mm” make you want to run and hide? Why not try out some of these “moving meditation” kind of mind-calming activities: Take a walk. Try taking a walk as…

Balancing Time and Space: A Moment’s Peace Inspiration # 17


Balancing Time and Space Life as a mother keeps me flexible—continually willing to expand and contract. Schedules get disrupted. Plans get rearranged. Weather shifts, a storm develops or a rainy day breaks into brilliant sunshine. Motherhood is a…

Shifting Gears: Moment’s Peace Inspiration #16


Shifting Gears Shift the gears from feeling pressured to perform and step into a new world, one fresh with subtle but powerful awareness in the present moment. Everyday life is chock-full of opportunity to live with mindfulness. Imagine…

Meditation- The Real World Real Life: Moment’s Peace Inspiration # 15


The real world and real life Harvard, Princeton, Yale and MIT have conducted more than 1,200 scientific studies that prove the numerous benefits of meditation. Why is it so many mothers don’t practice meditation? Is it lack of…

Relaxation in a Nutshell: Moment’s Peace Daily Inspiration #9


Moment’s Peace Daily Inspiration #9 Relaxation in a Nutshell Breathing and body awareness practice is something you can do anywhere, anytime—in your home, on a bus, in an airplane, waiting for your turn in line. It is a…

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