Soul Space Retreat San Antonio 2018

bells ring true for a magical retreat

Seven mission bells hang in the foyer of San Jose at La Cantera Resort. These bells represent the seven missions in San Antonio, five small and two large. The big bells symbolize the two missions still in existence today. When I first saw them, they appeared before me as a talisman— to hold the space, an outward sign of inward invisible grace.

Each time it never ceases to amaze me, the collective group of women who gather. The effort (time energy money logistics) involved to bring this divine orchestration of ages and diverse backgrounds into one place. I am equally amazed at the shift that simply 48 hours can bring. Complete strangers walk in the door and then walk out two days later, with new found friends. This new friend is not a new casual buddy type of acquaintance but instead the genuinely treasured kind of person who deeply and authentically listens and then who connects and supports each other’s deepest desires.

This retreat held a magic all it’s own. In our first session, one of our beautiful ladies shared with the group her recent cardiac arrest near death experience— floating with the clouds and her deceased father. She survived, and now lives with a large pace-maker that protrudes from her slender chest that operate all four chambers of her heart. The impact her story brought us all face to face with the fragility that any of us could be her too. How quickly that story put daily grind kind of worries and concerns into it’s proper place. As we relaxed and let go, everyone’s willingness to share their stories and struggles provided the link of human connection. To hold compassion and understanding, love and respect, the relationship is what heals. For one new friend to tell the other: ” you’ve got this, it’s going to be OK”.

Throughout the weekend we used devotional yoga, guided meditations and visualizations, journal exercises, dream interpretation and lots of sharing to uncover the goodness within – to learn how to let go of things (and people)  that do not resonate with us, to love and accept ourselves first, to uncover the person we all want to be.

Make no mistake those bells rang true for the magic that transcended on this weekend. We are in deep gratitude for the synergy created and the unfolding into an experiential re-set, to get in touch with the best version of oneself.  We came to understand that what you believe holds more power than what you dream, wish or hope for.

The magic of observing our ladies leave with a completely different posture— walking away with a new found presence that holds the deep truth — truewellbeing radiates from the inside out.