Sarah, Allie, and I arrived a few days early to intentionally create time for self-care and replenish ourselves before we led 17 women on our retreat this past weekend in New Mexico.


 Santa Fe has inspired me to learn more about native American traditions, one being to respect the wisdom of our elders. The morning of our retreat I wake up early and realize I haven’t called on the wisdom of my elders! So I text my 80 year-old mother and ask if she has a message to share. She replied, “People need to love and accept themselves before they can share anything with others.” I opened the retreat with this simple and powerful truth. 


Throughout the weekend we used devotional yoga, guided meditations and visualizations, journal exercises, expressive art, and lots of sharing to uncover the goodness within – to learn how to love and accept ourselves first, to uncover the person we all want to be, the best version of ourself.

In this place of retreating, like-minded women ranging from 20 to 65 years of age, set the intention to reflect, learn, and create positive change.


Ultimately, this retreat was about having time to relax and let go enough to authentically allow our body, mind, and soul’s alignment. In this openness, a powerful, supportive and healing connection was created with others. We always feel a bit of magic transcends to bring a collective group together.  We are in deep gratitude for the synergy created and the unfolding into an experiential re-set, to get in touch with the best version of oneself.


We uncovered the goodness within, tapped into our creative process, and shared special signposts– we are always divinely supported.

Tools designed for this retreat are meant to be simple, so practice is easy and accessible.  Connect to your sacred space every day and wake up to the opportunity for peace, joy, and connection to others, as your most authentic self.

Everyone learned to see their new friends through different eyes and listened with keen awareness to each others thoughts. We by-passed small talk ‘chit-chat’ about how everything in life is good, and found deeper connections that led to uncovering what really is going on within.


 We love what we do and we love being able to share it with others. Sarah, Allie, and I always get something different out of each retreat we lead. Each time we are humbled by our new friends who took the energy (time, money, intention) to make the trip, as each woman uniquely supports, inspires, and empowers the group. It feels like magic.