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What are Serenity Beads

While leading a workshop, I would often wear a simple sandalwood prayer mala that my swami had given me as a graduation present from my yoga education. Many people would say to me, where can I buy one of these necklaces?
It’s funny because I never really thought of the beads as necklaces. I created the serenity beads more as a talisman. Something tangible to bring comfort and keep me grounded while simultaneously connecting me to my higher self through out the day.

How are Serenity Beads made?

The serenity beads have evolved over the past couple of years, and I know they will continue to evolve. The basic design is hand-knotting 108 beads on a silk cord. Divisions of nine cross cultures for spiritual significance, the rosary is 54 beads for example. I have a local Houston artisan who creates the hand-cast medals (that hold spiritual significance for me) to complete the piece. Everything is hand-made in Houston, Texas.

Do you have to use these beads for meditation?

Just by wearing the serenity beads, they do their “work”. Gals have called them the “Eat, Pray, Love” necklaces. I like to touch mine through out my day, or use them to help me count my breath or repeated word or prayer in meditation.

nude moonstone soaking in sun

nude moonstone soaking in sun

Why gemstones?

To be honest, I use a variety of different gemstones more for the feeling they bring then the beauty. I search for semi-precious stones that “call me”. I am a picky shopper and look for stones that pull me in. I then take the gems home and clean them and let them soak in the sun for an afternoon before they get beaded onto the silk.

How can one wear a Serenity Bead?

I want serenity beads to be multi-functional because that is how I like to wear them. Some days I like to wear them long or doubled as a necklace, and other days I might wrap it around my wrist as a bracelet–  designed to bring comfort and connection through out the day no matter how it’s worn.

What do the different gemstones mean, and how to choose the stone?

serenity beads aquamarine


I always suggest to choose the stone that calls you. Don’t get hung up on the significance. When our intuition chooses the stone, these are the energetic qualities that will benefit you the most. Each stone is a “mini-geode” from the Earth vibrating to a certain frequency to help us feel qualities such as: love, balance, creativity, energy, or peace for example.

What’s your favorite stone?

For me personally, aquamarine. However, I do not wear this calming stone every day. I let my intuition guide me, and I choose the stone that appeals to me that day. I look at my collection of stones and ask, “who wants to come out with me today?” Luckily, my outfits usually fall into place once I know what stone is calling my name. Each day is unique and every stone has it’s special place in helping me get balanced or grounded or inspired, etc.

Speaking of Inspired? Yes, something new is brewing. Stay tuned.