One of my girlfriends is going through a divorce. She’s been struggling with her relationship for a long time and over the course of a few years and the discovery of her husband’s infidelity, she has made the decision to end their marriage.

I stopped in the other day to bring her a little gift, a pink halite geode I had found on our recent trip to Tucson. Innocently purchasing this crystal a few months ago I was drawn to it’s soft pink color, I really didn’t know anything about it’s energetic properties. Researching this stone in more detail uncovered this:

This beautiful soft pink halite, or rock salt, is the mineral form of sodium chloride. Pink Halite purifies the heart chakra, diffusing confusion, doubt and stress. Place a pink halite cluster in your home will help eliminate lingering negative energies, raise the vibration, and promote loving relationships, as well as make the space feel more relaxing and soothing.


After experiencing Halite in my own home I feel the soft pink color transcends negativity and makes LOVE the focus. This crystal blends the energies of the heart and solar plexus, the chakras of love and will. This rock salt geode is a “natural cleaner” of thoughts and intentions, and therefore helps to provide clarity on love whilst clearing away negative.


My girlfriend is a salt-of-the-Earth kind of gal. She is hard-working, attentive mother, owns her own business and says she is “deeply affected by kindness”. Who knew that this pink chunk of salt love would find it’s way into her home at a time she needed it most. 


She asked me for some help with an affirmation to hold close to her heart in her note-to-self vessel. We talked about working on feeling strong loving consciousness and to trust that she is divinely supported, which is so difficult at a time like this. A time when she is facing the reality of feeling alone, scared and helpless. We talked about developing an affirmation around the opposite of what she was feeling.


Truly, on of the finest things in life is to know who we are. As we honor our sacred space, we connect with the synthesis of love and spirituality. We surrender to love, and our hearts feel whole and healed. We trust in the power of love. 

AFFIRM: I am a beacon of light, living in love and leaving lower vibrations behind.