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The Cross, Examined: 5 Houston Designers Who Rethink Religious Jewelry. Read more.

We are thrilled to share that the October Issue for Houston Modern Luxury is out now, with a special feature on Elizabeth. read more

Mother Nurture. Integrative health expert, yoga instructor and author Elizabeth Irvine spends her days helping clients of her Truewellbeing biz achieve exactly that through positive affirmations… read more

Elizabeth Irvine likes to say her jewelry “provides women with a calming and healing influence for bringing peace and serenity into their lives.” She is not only the creative director… read more

Her message for families is clear, prevent illnesses before they occur by taking care of yourself because by doing so, you’ll take care of your whole family. read more

My friend Beth once did the best yoga class I’d ever been to. I like yoga, but… read more

What would you do for a moment’s peace? Lock yourself in the bathroom? Leverage your house? Sell your soul? read more

Through her various roles as an ICU nurse, mother of three, yoga instructor and author, Elizabeth has developed a keen sense of how to bring peace into her life and the lives of those around her… read more

It was my first job out of college, and it was overwhelming. I was twenty-two years old, green, fresh out of school, and scared. read more

How does a mother assure the health of her whole family? read more

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