The question comes up in our morning FaceTime meeting–What’s our next step? Allie and I sit in our Austin bungalow sipping morning coffee while Elizabeth drinks hers’ on the porch in Santa Fe. A trip to Tucson lingers in the near distance. It’s our first time to experience this international hot spot of gem dealers from around the world. We are nervous and excited. According to one of our yogi friends, Roger Rippy, going through life a little nervous and excited is the best way to live. It means you are on the brink of something big.

So back to that question, What’s our next step?

Calm quiet space within

I think we should get into geodes, my mom says. She always has the next idea, whether it’s our jewelry design, or a retreat location. It’s as if her vision comes from the source of divine energy she taps into. I always get shivers down my spine when we are on to something. If we feel stuck on a certain project, Elizabeth finds a way to break through. She believes in the daily discipline of creating quiet space within to hear the answer (this quiet space is always there, we just don’t take the time to listen). My mom believes that angels guide us on our journey, and the quiet space within connects us to our divine.

Thousands of Crystals

I arrive in Tucson, excited. The tall cacti illuminate the desert landscape and the surplus of gemstone vendors from around the globe provide a sense of eager uncertainty. I think to myself, how will we do this? How will we tap into the geode market? Amongst all of the thousands of crystal vendors how can we find our way and choose the right ones?

I come to understand my mom has already figured it out. For the past six days, she’s immersed herself in this world of the unknown. She’s focused all of her energy on thousands of boxes and piles of geodes (and the stories and people that come with it). She walked miles in rows of tents and showroom vendors. When I join her, I see her hand-picked selection of crystal clear quartz with starburst corners and piercing points, accompanied by soft pink halite with it’s intricate corners, almost like stairways into a maze of the Earth’s most intricate artwork. These rare beauties are bursting with good vibes. From the carefully curated selection I now understand the skill my mom has. She trusts her gut and what feels right to her. Maybe I should call it Elizabeth’s “eye.”

A Good Eye

You often hear designers talk about the concept of a design eye, someone who has great taste and style. In my opinion, my mom has always had a particularly fabulous design eye. If you only knew the amount of gemstones we sift through before she decides on which to use for our jewelry designs! Elizabeth, pegged by Houston Magazine writer Holly Crawford as the “glam guru”, only chooses the crème de la crème.

I’ve come to notice that Elizabeth also taps into another type of eye. Her third eye center, her intuition. The combination of her third eye with her design eye opens up her ability to create the most unbelievable sacred space–whether it be in the meaningfully crafted design of our Note to Self, a Soul Space Retreat participant, or now a geode.

Why geodes?

Elizabeth explains in Meditations From the Earth that crystals have what is known as piezoelectricity. It’s the ability to transform electromagnetic energy into mechanical energy, this takes place in the movement in the watch you wear on your wrist. A crystal can amplify any energy.

Because of our mom’s love of geodes and crystals, Allie and I have come to understand and feel the energy they bring into a space. Our home/office space is full of them. They are so much more than a pretty object. If we are aware of the stone’s energy, we are open to receive the benefits. This is why we use them in our jewelry designs and now offer them as raw geodes.


Geodes make me aware of my connection to my self and to the Earth. We want you to experience this too. To enjoy as a beautiful talisman worn as jewelry or as a geode placed on your coffee table. Our intention is to help you feel more connected to your own sacred space (inside and out), as a guide to your own personal true wellbeing.

We are so excited to introduce our new section of Truewellbeing: GEODES.