Have you wanted to join one of our Soul Space Retreats but never been able to?

For the first time ever…Elizabeth Irvine’s workshop and retreat material will be available to you online.

Learn how to connect to soul space in the serenity of your own home.


It’s more than my formal educations. My love for the wisdom of the human body and passion for helping others began in my early years through a Bachelors of Science in Nursing from the University of Kansas. My nursing career guided me to spend two years becoming certified to teach childbirth education classes (which involved breath work and imagery) long before I understood the power of aligning the body mind and soul. As I look back now I can see how the bigger picture began to unfold. I followed a yogic lifestyle due to a major road bump in life. Our baby son born with severe allergies led to the greatest portal to climb through—through his recovery to discover the body’s magical ability to self-heal.

Saying this, I feel it is really the slice of my day for the past twenty-six years that qualifies me to be your guide. At thirty years of age I came to understand the power of yoga, meditation and a myriad of other ways the body can spontaneously align and heal. I trained formally for four years with many incredible teachers including the late Vanda Scaravelli and Swami Vedanata Saraswati, course work on homeopathy, ayurveda, acupuncture, body and energy work, intuitive counsel and dream analysis along with being a fierce reader of these subjects.

I feel fortunate to have learned one-to-one from many great master teachers. I continue to practice and teach the techniques learned some twenty-five years ago. This is why I want to offer one-to-one mentorship. This ancient way of learning is sacred and uniquely tailored for you.

The days, months and years now add up—to embracing our wholeness. 

The myriad of tools you are about to learn will keep you grounded in your every day choices and learn how to live in a new way. Truewellbeing is available. It is my honor to be your guide.


She remembered who she was, and her life changed. She now holds the tools to keep her grounded in her every day choices.

Her daily routine, increased awareness and conscious choices set the tone for a higher view, a fresh and detached perspective. It brings her back to a remembering. Her journey homeward is the return to oneself, who through self-care she learns how to nourish herself first, from a deep and (always available) inner source.


Through your private one-to-one session you have the opportunity to integrate knowledge and techniques to create positive change and step into your own personal truewellbeing.

with love,