Allie, Sarah, and I are firm believers in the power of energy. Energy defined is “the ability to do work.” We feel this energy comes to us in all kinds of ways: the sacred lightness an innocent baby brings into a room, the warmth of the morning sun, the physical rush of endorphins from a strenuous hike.  Good vibes or a shift into positive energy.

We also feel this positive energy in a geode. We like to think of our geodes as pieces of “living” art work.

Crystals act as resonators and transmitters—a silicon chip in a computer’s memory, a quartz movement keeping time in a watch, or a vehicle for creating a laser’s precise incision. Quartz crystals have a charge that is said to be piezoelectric. The word piezo is Greek for “push.”

If a quartz crystal can do all of that, perhaps it is reasonable to believe that the sparkling geode sitting on your coffee table has the same ability.

A geode holds the ability to light up the room, shift the energy, and create a home filled with positive vibes.

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