A beautiful afternoon dedicated to create space and let go through gentle yoga, guided relaxation and cycles of the moon discussion. This led us to use the momentum of the cosmos to amplify dreams and intentions.

Ocean tides, yearly calendars, women’s cycles, farmers crops, all are influenced by lunar cycles. It is evident that there is power in this practice.

Discussing the different phases of the moon cycle significance for each stage: 

NEW MOON: Understanding. New beginnings set into place.

WAXING MOON: Preparation. Tweak details of what was put into place.

FULL MOON: Fruition. Send off to the universe.

WANING MOON: Releasing. Letting go of what didn’t work, evaluating, reflecting.


This workshop was held  finishing a full moon time and heading into a waning cycle, we focused on the latter.

The waning period is a time when the tide retreats and leaves the beach empty. Empty to see what is now uncovered? A time to release and break patterns. A time to ask, what is blocking you?

The waning cycle is “the teacher within us”.  Time to reflect on what did and did not work and let go of things that don’t work.

A time when the ego is “far enough away” for us to really feel. A time of self-reflection—recognize strengths and weakness.  


Use this lunar cycle example of a setting a goal or intention for a meditation practice. It may look something like this:

GOAL: Create a daily meditation practice.

NEW MOON:What do you want to cultivate in your life? Write down a goal or intention: Daily Meditation.

WAXING MOON: Prepare ways to help you reach this goal. For example, pick a time and space to practice meditation. Begin with baby steps, maybe only 5 minutes a day.

FULL MOON: Bring your goal into fruition, meditate during this full moon period for the maximum amount of time you set as a goal (or more). Use the heightened energy to your advantage.

WANING MOON: Allow yourself this time to reflect and evaluate the things that did or did not work during the process. Did you pick the correct space? Did you choose too short or too long of time? Release yourself of guilt or negativity surrounding your goal.