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I would like to introduce my daughter Sarah. She is our creative muse. With a bachelor of arts in English, and experience in photography and graphic design, she’s the one curating our photographs & language to spread Truewellbeing’s message to the world.

She recently created some magic in her life and we thought it would be fun to share this experience with our readers. Her manifestation of a dream she held for herself is a testimony. Through tools of yoga, meditation, creative visualization, affirmations and the Serenity Prayer we can all learn how to be the best version of ourselves and live the life of our dreams.

London Street

Sarah shares with us how her new adventure began.

Do you want something? How bad do you want it? Let’s take a few steps back. I wake up in London in my best friend’s bed, she is sleeping lightly next to me. For the past month, we’ve been sharing this bed, in her tiny room, in a small flat in the heart of the biggest city in the world. Just a 5 minute walk from the River Thames where we admired the tall London Bridge as little girls. I feel so happy and full of the experiences we’ve shared running around this city all summer, now 23 years old. 

1. Hear what your heart is trying to tell you.

I arrive home, ecstatic to see my family, but the first thing I declare is “I am going back.” They laugh at my directness, but they also become a part of my dream as well. They support me. They guide my decisions. Surrounding yourself with people who support your every move is a key step to manifesting what you want.

2. Build your support system.

Once my jet lag lifts, I begin to talk out loud about how I will actually find a way back to living in London. My dad tells me I have to find a job. I start to put some feelers out, not really sure what I am looking for, but trusting that something will come. We get a call from Sylvia at Saks Fifth Avenue. Her friend at Selfridges may have a position.

Here begins the process. I update my resume and prepare myself for a Skype interview. Every morning, I wake up with the intention in my head. My affirmation in my Note to Self becomes, “I have a job in London that only I can do, & I am fulfilled and rewarded beyond my wildest dreams.” Don’t be afraid, dream big! 

3. Set your intention. Affirm what you know to be true.

I become so consumed with the idea of living and working in London that it starts to drive my every thought. There’s a point where I feel like all of my determination will explode into a useless mess. I start to question everything, do I really want this? What if they don’t like what I have to say? Why haven’t they emailed me back? Even though the obsession starts to overpower, I light a candle every day and repeat my affirmation to myself. I hold the intention and trust.

Finally, sitting around a dinner in Santa Fe, I take a step back from my self-absorption. I realize how grateful I am to even be able to talk about the idea that I hold the possibility to go back to London. Allie tells me “just let go, stop worrying about it.” My mom, “trust the divine,” Heidi, “it will happen.”

I finally see the bigger picture. I let go of the worries. I trust that if I am meant to go back, it will happen. I get out of my own way and relax about it.

The next morning, Selfridges calls. “We have a job for you. When can you start?”

4. Be mindful of what you wish for!

*look out for more fun and adventure from Sarah in London.