Eighteen young school girls formed a long line down the hallway. The teacher who led them to me explained that the double-booked gymnasium was in use and offered a classroom instead.

It was almost twenty years ago now but the memory comes back clear as day. I was teaching yoga at my daughters’ school and this day I thought now what? How am I ever going to teach within the constraints of rows of desks. Then somehow it dawned on me, to teach them a technique I learned during my yoga education.


In Sanskrit, mandala means “sacred circle.”  Mandalas  have been used for centuries as aids in healing, their circular form help organize perception, thought and physical responses in positive ways.

I asked the girls to sit down quietly as I found a stack of paper and colored pencils which we then passed around the room. I asked the girls to pick up their pencils and to draw a mandala. The only rules were to remain silent and color within the form of their sacred circle. They were transfixed. The whole room felt like an oasis of calm as these bright and beautiful young ladies colored away.

After twenty minutes we had a little time left to share. So many uniquely designed mandalas and creativity had emerged. As the girls walked out of the room and onto their next class, the teacher who came to collect them remarked at their calm and happy mood. She said she wanted to try this coloring too.


Now-a-days the adult coloring craze has taken off and you can pick up a mandala coloring book at most grocery store checkout lines. I wonder if people coloring these books realize it’s actually been around for centuries?


We designed a mandala workbook and lead workshops with this technique as an integrative tool for health and healing. Creative self-expression at its best – time spent coloring a mandala allows your body and mind to instinctively respond. Just like a teeter-totter, you find your way back to equilibrium. These sacred circles create patterns the mind can understand, thus bringing order and harmony, creating a “drop in mediative state” without having to meditate! They are another powerful tool to lead us to our true essence, our personal truewellbeing.


Our workshop techniques, our logo, and even our jewelry all incorporate the use of a mandala pattern. This sacred circle has created a healthier happier way of being, creating healing space from the inside out.

Discover the treasure of connecting WHERE YOU ARE right now through the power of mandala coloring.