The Magical Joy of Giving.

Our main intention for The Jewelry Project is creating abundance, so that we can use the resources to give back. In helping others, we feel we are helping ourselves too. Just as the Bible verse states, “give, and it will be given to you”. When you shift your attention off yourself and onto others, you gain a sense of self-less freedom and experience a magical joy. We love to focus on our local communities so that we know exactly where our money goes. We prefer to place a check straight to the individual in need. Whether that is someone who is close to us or a distant friend of a friend. Knowing the face that is receiving makes it even more special.

For supporters of The Jewelry Project, thank you. Here is where your support helped this year…

Proceeds from The Santa Fe Collection go to the New Mexico Committee of Women in the Arts.

Proceeds from The Mitra Bracelet with Elaine Turner go to Best Buddies.

Monthly online sales were dedicated to families affected by the Houston and Louisiana floods.

October online sales and holiday parties were dedicated to a mother affected by breast cancer.

Proceeds from our Yoga & Art Workshop with Jodie King were dedicated to a young girl who lost her mother to cancer.

109 World Latvia retreat