A lot of people are still hurting.

Ever since the moon and sun aligned, the summer’s end has brought with it a record breaking series of natures’ chaos. Hurricane Harvey, then Irma, Jose and Maria led to thousands homeless and powerless. Multiple monster earthquakes burying innocent children alive, and then the West Coast wild fires. This pile up of disasters–what the ** is going on?

In Houston, everyone— whether in the grocery line, filling up at the gas station, in any conversation— needed to talk, to tell their story and express their personal experience. Socioeconomic status erased, this crisis united us.

In the midst of all of this suffering, many of us are dealing with feelings of guilt and despair as we watch our fellow communities experience pain. These natural disasters are affecting humans and that is why we care, WE FEEL.

Now, more than ever is time to focus on the positive, #HoustonStrong is the mantra around the city. Not only in Houston, world wide broadcasts of people risking their lives to save the life of another. People are inherently good.

Mother Earth has been rocked and the repercussions have reached us all. She is asking us to WAKE UP. Pay attention to our life. To focus on creating more GRATITUDE for the basics and to invite more LOVE and JOY within. To open your eyes and open your heart and see and feel the very best in everything and everyone around you.

Love and mercy to you.

with love,