Life brings signposts.

If we choose to notice and acknowledge these serendipitous occurrences—it taps us into a whole new kind of tracking device, a tool to keep life on course. The development of events beyond my control can feel like magic. One day the famous rock group, the Beatles song “Let it Be” plays on my car radio, then in the grocery store, and again in an office building’s elevator—it’s too coincidental to ignore. It feels magical. I listen to the message.

An animal randomly crosses my path. It’s easy to dismiss a butterfly landing on my shoulder or a hummingbird “humming” near my park bench as nothing. And, yet, it’s equally easy to take notice.Why not take the experience of this animal coming into my awareness and use it?

I look up the animal’s symbolic meaning. Both of these creatures’ symbolism rings true—a butterfly represents spirituality and a humming bird represents joy. It feels like I am hand delivered a note of inspiration, hope, and comfort. Can you think of a song, an animal, or any type of serendipitous event that’s been in your life lately?

Recognizing these events and ensuring they are special to you is one more way you have power to create your own joy. Just keep it simple and fun, and perhaps just allow yourself to be open to the possibility that a signpost may be planted right next to you.

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