We asked Sarah some questions about her yogic lifestyle:

How did you come to know yoga?

I came to know yoga as a little girl. I remember being barefoot in the back yard as my mom taught different poses to myself, my brother, and sister. We LOVED the breathing exercises and animal poses and often our time would end in a fit of giggles. Even at this young age, when I didn’t really understand what was happening with my body, I recognize the feeling yoga brought to me then, and continues within me today. Yoga has always felt familiar.

How does the practice of yoga make you feel?

During my yoga practice, I feel like myself. I feel as though I can hear my body, my thoughts, and my spirit. Some days, it is the hardest thing to convince myself to get onto my mat. The practice is not always easy, but it is always worth it.

Why now, after all of these years of knowing yoga did you want to put your time and energy into becoming a teacher? 

 First, I find my personal practice gives me a clearer, calmer direction in my life. I know want to pass it on and give others the tools that I have been given.

Through my relationship with a consistent yoga practice, I don’t worry as much as I used to. I speak louder and with more confidence. I am more compassionate in a difficult situation and I am passionate about my work and my relationships.

What do you think someone will get out of coming to your class?

I teach from my heart. I know how to create sacred space where you can relax, heal and let go. In this series of classes you will learn how to bring your body, mind and soul into balance. You will come to understand that you already hold all of the answers to your own questions. When you connect to your heart space, you uncover your true divine being. The best version of who you are. You uncover TRUEWELLBEING.