On a spring evening about a year ago, a kindred spirit was sitting next to me, a woman whom I had never met and would soon come to know. We leaned over and whispered to each other, sharing a few giggles during a presentation that had brought us together.


I have come to know Elaine, as a friend and genuine inspiration for all that she does.

One afternoon (after presenting a workshop for her employees) we cooked up the idea to join forces.

Why not create a piece of jewelry together and choose a charity to benefit?

What a beautiful thing – to create, share, and inspire our projects together. Ultimately, empowering one another.

After numerous meetings (that felt more like an hour of laughs) Elaine, her team and mine came up with a necklace made of semi-precious gemstones combined with hardware that felt representative to each of us. We named the necklace, Drishti. The Sanskrit translation for “drish-tee”: where our attention goes, our energy flows.

The word drishti is often used in a physical yoga practice, however it translates to every day life as well. As a yogi focuses their gaze within a certain yoga pose, their attention follows, creating a subtle yet powerful shift into the pose. The movement becomes easier, creating a natural flow that releases the muscles and feels so good.  The principle is exactly the same in our every day, helping us keep a proper view or perspective in life. Why not soften your gaze and relax into life?

Drishti cardDrishti card


We choose Pink Ribbons Project as our charity. Through awareness programs, fundraising events, and community collaboration, Pink Ribbons Project understands and provides for Houston’s greatest breast health needs.

Join us in support. Wednesday October 21, 2015, 6-8 pm at Elaine’s Rice Village location for an inspiring evening of fun. 20% of proceeds support Pink Ribbons Project.