Recently I lead a retreat in Michigan. The women who came together at this retreat created an experience that we all felt was nothing short of magic– nourishing body and soul.  Happy but tired, I looked forward to seeing my family and my own bed again. Somehow the angels must have known that I needed some comfort along the way.

Earth Angels

My journey back to Houston felt “sprinkled” with Earth angels, guiding me home. It started with my ride to the airport. My cab driver had a long white beard and was wearing a biker hat that proudly displayed his name, Father Time. As we drove along he explained how he was a 25 year alcohol-free, Harley-riding lover of nature who had just purchased a mobile home. He planned to set off across America in this traveling home, as he had absolutely everything he would ever need. I felt the excitement for his adventure. It was truly contagious. At that moment everything in life felt simplified. Not that I aspire to travel across the USA in a mobile home– but his enthusiasm was so genuine, so simple and fresh, I could taste it.

Next, I find my  airplane seat where a lovely 87 year-old woman named Betty is sitting next to me. One of my dear friends uses the name “betty” as a nickname for me, so this new airplane seat companion already felt like a comfortable travel friend. As the plane was gaining speed almost ready to lift into the air over lake Michigan, Betty leans over and says,

Even though I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the utter most part of the sea– even there your hand will guide me and your right hand will hold me fast.

I said, “Excuse me Betty, could you repeat that for me?”   She repeated these words and I began to well-up with tears. She said, “I think it’s Psalm 139 verse 10- it always bring me comfort when I travel, do you like it?”  I told her yes, I liked it very much. I also told her I felt she was an Earth angel who just gave me a beautiful gift. My new friend Betty and I held hands and enjoyed the freedom that you feel as the airplane made it’s ascent into the air.


When we choose to notice and acknowledge serendipitous occurrences—I feel it taps us into a whole new kind of guiding tracking device, a tool to bring comfort when we least expect it, or at minimum at least keep life  in perspective. The development of events beyond my control can feel like magic. When they happen, I notice and  listen to the message they bring.

Everyday Magic

A mystical occurrence can appear like a flash of lightening or as a quiet whisper in my ear—whichever way it appears, I am instantly transported from an ordinary moment into something extraordinary. These experiences appear extra-ordinary or highly unlikely—and then again—as ordinary as a knock on my door. And, you don’t have to believe in magic in order to recognize and let serendipity or Earth angels in.  Just be open to the the possibility. Why not allow yourself to be open to the possibility that an Earth angel or serendipitous event may be planted right next to you? How many Bettys or Father Times have you let slip away?