Divine Messenger

Ron took me to lunch by boat last weekend. I love being on the water and always feel a bigger picture perspective on life cruising across the lake. After lunch we stopped for a swim, and chose a quiet place near the limestone cliffs. Slipping into the water, we noticed a calling sound from a bird. From the cliffs a beautiful red tail hawk appeared. He flew out circling around us. It was as if this raptor was doing a fly-by to wish us well.

Later at home, we talked about the exciting feeling the hawk brought to us. Native Americans believe  a hawk is a messenger of the spirit world. The hawk totem represents the wisdom of seeing situations from a higher perspective. Hawk’s cry is a reminder to wake up- become aware of signals coming your way. Just as a Hawk does, we too have the power of observation to focus on a task at hand.

Now that Autumn is almost here, join me and take this beautiful hawks symbolism– as your’s too. See your ordinary day-to day-experiences with fresh eyes of awareness. Through this new keen vision you soar above and take in a wider perspective view.

Tap into your divine consciousness. Soar to higher states of awareness and vision. Use this new view to clearly watch your path to freedom.

AFFIRM: I allow myself to step back, see the big picture and feel free.