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Create a Positive Mood

Imagine for a moment what this feels like —the sensation of your hand pushing through water. Fluid, smooth, gliding like silk.  What if your thoughts were that same feeling, like your hand in water?

Each morning, notice what you think of on your first waking moment and then again in the ending moments each night before you sleep. Why not start and finish each day with a re-fresh.
What will unfold today? What conscious choices can I make through my day? And, at the end of your day, reflect and say, what was the best part of my day?

Through practice and increased awareness, notice your thoughts and gently guide them. What you believe holds more power than what you dream, wish or hope for. Life is meant to be easy and fluid, just like the feeling of pushing your hand through water.

With love,

Elizabeth, Allie, and Sarah

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