I have recently started to paint. For me, the painting is more about the process than the end product. It reminds me very much of meditation or dream work. The movement of the brush and the color of the paint become a connection to the divine. What do I feel?

Everyone holds soulful power. This power is uniquely your own as no one is exactly the same. It is not always easy to dedicate time and intention to connect to your genuine inner light – but when you do, you create from a place that is authentically YOU. No one else could create anything like it. People are drawn to authenticity– it is a snap shot of the best part of you.

When the mind is silent and peaceful, it becomes very powerful. It becomes the receptor of bliss and wisdom, and life becomes a spontaneous flow and expression of joy. All this arises naturally when the mind is in an inner state of silence.

—Swami Satyananda Saraswawti

AFFIRM: I spend time in silence and I connect to my own power.