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Category - Yoga

More than on the mat

Blog, Books & Audio, Guided Relaxation, Yoga

More than on the Mat For me, yoga is much more than the time spent on the mat. Twenty years ago when I came to know yoga, I went to a weekly Wednesday morning class. I quickly began…

Upcoming Soul Space Retreat: Santa Fe, New Mexico

Blog, Travel, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

SOUL SPACE RETREAT Sunrise Springs Spa Resort, Santa Fe, New Mexico June 9 & 10, 2017 A sacred oasis, with legendary natural springs, nestled on 70 acres in the enchanting land of Santa Fe. Learn to connect on…

Nature’s Mala: Rudraksha

The Jewelry Project, Yoga

Nature’s Mala: Rudraksha I’ve been on the move a lot lately, frequently placing my head to sleep in a different spot. I am sensitive in general and particularly to different environments (a blessing and a curse). I’ll be…

The Magical Gift You Give Yourself

Blog, Travel, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

What could be more precious than your health and well-being? Why do we find it so difficult to carve out time for ourselves, even when we know that by doing so we will be happier and healthier and…

Retreating at Travaasa Resort: Nothing Short of Magic

Blog, Guided Relaxation, Inspiration, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

In preparation for our recent retreat, I pulled from a large stack of journals. The entry I found happened to be from 2012, a reflection from my 50th year.  I opened to a page about one of the most…

A Yoga Video for Kids

Lifestyle, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

Live your Yoga September is National Yoga month. I’ve witnessed the growth of America’s yoga love affair blossom over the decades. Yoga has a way of getting under your skin and cracking your soul wide open. Though it starts out as…

Live like a yogi

Blog, Yoga

My daughter Allie just completed a yoga submersion course. Our discussions of her experience took me back (20 years!) to the beginning days of my physical yoga practice. This is hard to explain in words. Yoga has a…

My Daily Yoga Practice

Blog, Lifestyle, Yoga

Have you ever had to go through the day without having the chance to brush your teeth? For me, my daily practice is as important as cleaning my teeth. It’s like I brush my organs through yoga! It’s…

Feel Peace Now: Relax and Just Breathe!

Blog, Guided Relaxation, Uncategorized, Yoga

Try out this simple breathing and visualization exercise to stay calm and centered. Whenever you find yourself stressed take a few moments to be with your breath.

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