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Category - The Jewelry Project

Jesse’s Story

Blog, Give Back, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project, Travel

Ron offered his quiet Father’s Day to drive me out across western New Mexico. We exited I-40 heading southwest into National Forest, the expansive jaw dropping vistas seemed to hold open the vast space that led us along…

A Moment’s Peace

Blog, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project, Workshops & Retreats

A MOMENT'S PEACE The inspiration came from a simple sandalwood prayer mala, a graduation gift from my swami. I loved wearing this mala and my yoga students often asked where they could get one too. The idea formed…

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Sacred Space, The Jewelry Project, Workshops & Retreats

JEWELRY WITH MEANING Shop our new Motherly Love Collection or jewels from The Jewelry Project to give a piece with significant meaning. CRYSTAL GEODE A unique, one-of-a-kind natural gemstone to decorate mama's sacred space. Shop online or contact…

Motherly Love

Blog, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project

MOTHERLY LOVE faith, hope, and love Originally inspired to create a version of the Miraculous Mary medal after a retreat to Northern Michigan with my mom some five years ago, we decided to bring her back and make…

Heal from the Inside Out

Blog, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project, Yoga

HEAL FROM THE INSIDE OUT Worry and doubt create tension in our bodies and steal our energy. What could be more important in your day than to give yourself the opportunity to recharge and self-heal? Every time I begin…

How to Create an Affirmation

Blog, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project

What is an Affirmation? I use the word affirmation interchangeably with sankalpa; a vow, a commitment to myself and a request to guide my choices. The five-thousand-year-old Sanskrit word sankalpa translates as san "union" and kalpa "possiblity" -…

Nature’s Mala: Rudraksha

The Jewelry Project, Yoga

Nature’s Mala: Rudraksha I’ve been on the move a lot lately, frequently placing my head to sleep in a different spot. I am sensitive in general and particularly to different environments (a blessing and a curse). I’ll be…

Serenity Styled

Blog, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project

We love to layer our pieces and thought it would be fun to show you how we style them together. Layered here is our Matte Amazonite Serenity Beads, Rainbow Moonstone Rondelle Serenity Beads, Note to Self with Smokey…

Serenity Styled

Blog, The Jewelry Project

Here we styled our Howlite with Agate Serenity Beads, White Bone St. Benedict Stack, Aquamarine Layering Piece, and St. Benedict with Ball Chain. SHOP NOW

Holiday Gift Guide

Inspiration, The Jewelry Project

Christmas is a tonic for our souls. It moves us to think of others rather than of ourselves. It directs our thoughts to giving. B.C. Forbes This holiday season, we are here to help YOU with the art…

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