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Category - Lifestyle

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Sacred Space, The Jewelry Project, Workshops & Retreats

JEWELRY WITH MEANING Shop our new Motherly Love Collection or jewels from The Jewelry Project to give a piece with significant meaning. CRYSTAL GEODE A unique, one-of-a-kind natural gemstone to decorate mama's sacred space. Shop online or contact…

Sacred Space: Austin Workplace

Blog, Lifestyle, Sacred Space

A peek inside our Austin office bungalow. We love to create sacred space and thought you may too. Making our space feel good in return makes our space feel more sacred—and when you feel good in your space, it…

Sacred Space: A Place of Invisible Grace

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Sacred Space

A Place of Invisible Grace Think about your home. Where is your favorite space? Is it the bathtub, your bedroom, outside patio? Now that you have it in your mind - why is this sacred space so special…

Our Next Step

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Sacred Space, Travel

OUR NEXT STEP The question comes up in our morning FaceTime meeting--What’s our next step? Allie and I sit in our Austin bungalow sipping morning coffee while Elizabeth drinks hers' on the porch in Santa Fe. A trip to Tucson…

Gratitude and Appreciation Activate – How Do I Choose A Stone?

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, The Jewelry Project

Gratitude and Appreciation Activate If we look back in history, crystals and gemstones have held a revered place in our lives. They have been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt, adorning the breastplates of warriors, and sparkling…

You’ve Got A Friend

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, The Jewelry Project

Friend /frend/ noun: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. Through out my fifty plus years I have honed my skills on friendship. I now feel I hold the ability…

Serendipity Strikes Again: Stello Style

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, The Jewelry Project

Standing in line at our favorite pizza place the stars aligned and created a "chance" meeting. Practicing patience in a slow moving queue to pick up Friday evening's supper my attention landed on a pretty woman wearing a necklace that…

Santa Fe Style: Favorite People, Places & Things

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel

Santa Fe Style: Favorite People, Places, & Things  Santa Fe, New Mexico is filled with people, places, and things we love. We love supporting this charming community and want to share some of our favorite spots with you.…

What is Your Soul Asking YOU?

Inspiration, Lifestyle, Workshops & Retreats

Soul Space: Create the Life your Soul is Asking You to Live Focused awareness can create shifts in your life so that you can take in and understand greater health, a sense of calm, more insight, and a…

A Yoga Video for Kids

Lifestyle, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

Live your Yoga September is National Yoga month. I’ve witnessed the growth of America’s yoga love affair blossom over the decades. Yoga has a way of getting under your skin and cracking your soul wide open. Though it starts out as…

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