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Category - Inspiration

You Already Have It: 2017 is Your Year

Blog, Inspiration

You already have it Embracing the new year with optimism is a beautiful idea, however it isn’t always the easiest thing to do. Who doesn’t want to be more compassionate and kind, to eat healthier, to find the…

Holiday Gift Guide

Inspiration, The Jewelry Project

Christmas is a tonic for our souls. It moves us to think of others rather than of ourselves. It directs our thoughts to giving. B.C. Forbes This holiday season, we are here to help YOU with the art…

We Are Truewellbeing

Blog, Books & Audio, Give Back, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project, Workshops & Retreats

My initial journey in discovering the body’s ability to self-heal began in London with a sick baby. While my family was living in England, our baby son Sam developed severe allergies that led me to search for a…

Gratitude and Appreciation Activate – How Do I Choose A Stone?

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, The Jewelry Project

Gratitude and Appreciation Activate If we look back in history, crystals and gemstones have held a revered place in our lives. They have been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt, adorning the breastplates of warriors, and sparkling…

You’ve Got A Friend

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, The Jewelry Project

Friend /frend/ noun: a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection. Through out my fifty plus years I have honed my skills on friendship. I now feel I hold the ability…

Serendipity Strikes Again: Stello Style

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, The Jewelry Project

Standing in line at our favorite pizza place the stars aligned and created a "chance" meeting. Practicing patience in a slow moving queue to pick up Friday evening's supper my attention landed on a pretty woman wearing a necklace that…

Santa Fe Style: Favorite People, Places & Things

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel

Santa Fe Style: Favorite People, Places, & Things  Santa Fe, New Mexico is filled with people, places, and things we love. We love supporting this charming community and want to share some of our favorite spots with you.…

What is Your Soul Asking YOU?

Inspiration, Lifestyle, Workshops & Retreats

Soul Space: Create the Life your Soul is Asking You to Live Focused awareness can create shifts in your life so that you can take in and understand greater health, a sense of calm, more insight, and a…

Retreating at Travaasa Resort: Nothing Short of Magic

Blog, Guided Relaxation, Inspiration, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

In preparation for our recent retreat, I pulled from a large stack of journals. The entry I found happened to be from 2012, a reflection from my 50th year.  I opened to a page about one of the most…

Mother Nature, Mother Nurture

Blog, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project

Mother Nature, Mother Nurture For me spending a day or (even a few minutes) outside in nature heals me quicker than anything I know. I intentionally dedicate time every day to spend some of it– out of doors.…

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