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Category - Inspiration


Blog, Inspiration

Something quite ordinary and yet extraordinary happened today. A sign from above, an Earth angel appeared. Let’s step back a couple of days to tell you the complete story.  This weekend I read SIGNS by Laura Lynn Jackson.…

language of the moon

Blog, Inspiration

'language of the moon' @artbydorcas Today, is the 50th anniversary of the launch of Apollo 11 to land astronauts on the moon. Two weeks ago the moon totally eclipsed the sun and now it’s the moon’s turn to…

A recent interview with Simply Santa Fe

Blog, Books & Audio, Give Back, Guided Relaxation, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Travel, Workshops & Retreats

Our recent interview with Simply Santa Fe. 1.What Inspired to open your business? A sick child. I was told there was nothing I could do to help our baby son. I dug deeper into the roots of the…

In Honor Of Fathers

Blog, Inspiration

Today marks a special day, a day to honor dad. As my readers are mostly comprised of mothers, it feels important to call out a special honoring today, to our fathers. This morning, my husband was celebrated with…

Discover the Pillars of Health

Blog, Guided Relaxation, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Sacred Space, Travel, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

I consider myself a generally healthy and happy person. I eat well, exercise, meditate, sleep and feel supported by my relationships. I also suffer with chronic eczema. This skin rash can present itself as a small irritation, or…

Yoga Nidra: An Online Course to Hone Your Meditation Practice

Blog, Books & Audio, Guided Relaxation, Inspiration, Yoga

The Easiest Meditation Practice I Know It was thirty years ago when I first came to know about the power of relaxation. As I lay flat on my back in the “pose of a corpse,” my eyes lightly…

ANNOUNCING: A Santa Fe Retreat

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Sacred Space, Travel, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

Friday November 1, 2019 - Sunday November 3, 2019 Sunrise Springs Resort & Spa, Santa Fe, NM We are excited to announce that our next Soul Space Retreat is in Santa Fe, NM. The purpose of going on a…

Follow Your Inner Compass

Blog, Books & Audio, Guided Relaxation, Inspiration, Yoga

Follow your Inner Compass Inukshuk • a rock structure used by the indigenous people in Northern America. A symbol or natural compass to guide the path ahead. A tool not unlike using your intuition. Affirm: I am clear on my…

Original Goodness

Blog, Inspiration

ORIGINAL GOODNESS "Teaching our thoughts to go where we tell them is much like training a puppy. We begin by learning to train our attention throughout our day-- until eventually we make our mind calm and clear and…

To See what others cannot

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Sacred Space, Travel

OWL MEDICINE According to the Zuni Pueblo people, owls can see what others cannot. Owl's perceptivity reminds us of the importance of both worlds we reside in: the physical as well as the spiritual, perhaps the known and the…

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