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Category - Workshops & Retreats

What is Your Soul Asking YOU?

Inspiration, Lifestyle, Workshops & Retreats

Soul Space: Create the Life your Soul is Asking You to Live Focused awareness can create shifts in your life so that you can take in and understand greater health, a sense of calm, more insight, and a…

Retreating at Travaasa Resort: Nothing Short of Magic

Blog, Guided Relaxation, Inspiration, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

In preparation for our recent retreat, I pulled from a large stack of journals. The entry I found happened to be from 2012, a reflection from my 50th year.  I opened to a page about one of the most…

A Yoga Video for Kids

Lifestyle, Workshops & Retreats, Yoga

Live your Yoga September is National Yoga month. I’ve witnessed the growth of America’s yoga love affair blossom over the decades. Yoga has a way of getting under your skin and cracking your soul wide open. Though it starts out as…

Harness the Power of a Horse: Equine-Assisted Therapy

Workshops & Retreats

Harness the Power of a Horse We had the opportunity to take a wonderful group to Travaasa, Austin for a Soul Space Day retreat with a focus on Equine-assisted therapy. Our cowboy, Jodie, assigned you a horse for the…

Soul Space Retreat Maroma, Mexico

Travel, Workshops & Retreats

We were in Mexico last week facilitating our Soul Space Retreat at the magical Belmond Resort, Maroma. Over the course of a few days we spent time getting in touch with our soul, the part of us that lives deep within. Each day, my…

Soul Space Retreat, Travassa Resort

Travel, Workshops & Retreats

Elizabeth Irvine’s 2015 Soul Space Retreat at Travaasa Resort & Spa in Austin, Texas. Three days of yoga, meditation, & soul work.


Blog, Workshops & Retreats

Join us Feb 5th, March 5th and May 7th, 2014 (12pm-1:15pm). Lunch is included with registration. Take a brief, restful moment to reflect on meaning and growth in these creative lunchtime workshops. We will begin each session with…

Mandala Meditation for Mothers & Daughters

Blog, Workshops & Retreats

Feel the freedom of child-like innocence and relax into stillness in this mandala coloring workshop for mothers and daughters. We will color mandalas as we become calm and still. Then, with gentle prompts, we will journal and draw…

Need Some Quiet Still Space?

Blog, Workshops & Retreats

Dedicate a morning to YOU. This unique, creative yoga workshop begins with gentle yoga asanas, which emphasize breathing and body awareness to allow the body to relax. After preparing the body physically, we will practice the balancing art…

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