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Category - Blog

Swine Flu-“Tread Lightly and Carry a Big Stick”

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I am going to weigh in on this swine flu situation from a PREVENTATIVE health advantage. Tread lightly and carry a big stick The Swine flu is a threat, however perhaps more from it’s highly contagious capacity than…

“Ah Ha” Moment: using a guided relaxation as your tool


Every Tuesday morning for the last year and a half, I carve out time to record a new weekly guided relaxation podcast.  Every now and then I get a message ( like the one below) that sends a…

Just a Little Kiss


It all started with just one little kiss. My 17-year-old daughter’s boyfriend had a cold. I remember saying to my daughter⎯ “No kissing please, you don’t want to catch his cold.” A week later, like a spiraling of…

Finding Balance and Joy in our Everyday – healthy habits to get you started


Last week Oprah shared her weight struggle story with millions. She said,  “I let the well run dry. That’s what happened when I started to get unbalanced, when I started to not take time for myself, when I…

Media Tour (leg 2)


Warm people and breezes in Florida South Florida is full of palm trees, moist breezes and Spanish speaking people. Arriving at the airport I wasn’t quite sure if I was still in America or had taken the wrong…

Media Tour or Spiritual Journey?


I have decided that my media tour is going to be my “spiritual journey” through the month of January. Consider this your personal invitation. Come along on the road and join me? A new opportunity How hard could…

What Are You Afraid Of?


My experience at Maroma Spa made me to ask myself this question: What am I afraid of? Typically, I feel a sense of gratitude with any new experience; appreciative to learn and grow. However, my questioning is what…

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