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Truewellbeing Blog

Let Me Help You Relax


Learning to relax and let go… Anytime we learn something new, it can feel awkward, uneasy or almost impossible. However, if we set our intention and dedicate our energy to learning- it just takes someone to show you…

Relax and Make Some Space


In this day of surviving on cell phones, emails anywhere and double expressos, the constant stimuli never allows life to slow down. As mothers, muti-tasking is our middle name and this leads us to feeling overwhelmed and stressed.…

Media Tour (leg 4)


Finishing the tour I am tired. Similar to how I feel after a long day of hiking…physically exhausted but happy to reach the top. Now, I can gingerly sit back, relax and with a sense of satisfaction for…

Media Tour (leg 3)


Detroit; cold weather and warm folks Detroit was cold. Snow and fifteen degrees Fahrenheit this morning. However, Michigan’s midwestern hospitality couldn’t have been any warmer. Luckily, I have a girlfriend (fellow mother of three) living near Detroit who…

Media Tour (leg 2)


Warm people and breezes in Florida South Florida is full of palm trees, moist breezes and Spanish speaking people. Arriving at the airport I wasn’t quite sure if I was still in America or had taken the wrong…

Media Tour or Spiritual Journey?


I have decided that my media tour is going to be my “spiritual journey” through the month of January. Consider this your personal invitation. Come along on the road and join me? A new opportunity How hard could…

What Do You Believe In?


Every generation has the obligation to free men’s minds for a look to new worlds…to look out from a higher plateau than the last generation.— Ellison Onizuka With my two daughters sitting on either side of me in…

Who’s That Girl part 2


The following is an excerpt from my new book Healthy Mother Healthy Child: Creating Balance in Everyday Life (Whole Health Publishing April 2007) I reach past my reflection in the mirror of my medicine cabinet to what lies…

Who’s That Girl? part 1


I want to give readers a chance to get to know me. I want you to feel as if we were sitting together outside on my patio with a cup of chai tea, talking about our lives. It…

What Are You Afraid Of?


My experience at Maroma Spa made me to ask myself this question: What am I afraid of? Typically, I feel a sense of gratitude with any new experience; appreciative to learn and grow. However, my questioning is what…

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