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Truewellbeing Blog

What’s in Your Bag?


  Traveling along I-10, heading west out of Houston, leaving a powerful hurricane Ike, a home (and all that goes in it) behind. Uncertainty floods through me. What we will be there on our return? I notice an…

Calm Before the Storm


Living in Houston brings with it moments of Hurricane season “thrills,” keeping us Houstonians diligently and humbly aware of Mother Nature and how her powerful force can change life on a dime. Here is a glimpse of my…

Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders


Looking back over my summer, I thought about what stood out. What memories came to mind. One thing that stayed with me was an afternoon my twin teenage daughters and I spent at the Ann Richards School for…

20 Minutes- It’s Your Choice


Think about how you can spend twenty minutes? Sitting in traffic. Waiting for your dinner to cook. Listening to a co-worker expand on an idea. Reading a bedtime story to your child. Attending a meeting. Folding laundry. Meditating.…

If You Eat Healthy Your Kids Will Follow


Today I got the opportunity to chat on the radio with my friend and celebrity chef, Domenica Catelli. We talked about ideas to create healthy eating into our lifestyle. One of the main messages I took away from today’s show-If we…

Disney Records


        When Mom Central invited me to blog for Disney Records Music Block Party, I couldn’t resist. New music from Disney-spells out moving and grooving summertime fun. Even though my teenage children are past this generation of…

In Giving We Recieve


Imagine it’s your birthday. Most people I know welcome the idea of a celebration; it’s nice to be acknowledged and to recognize the day of your birth. I met a teenager today who wanted to tell me that…

Meditation in Motion


My forgotten phone sat innocently on the coffee table this morning happily singing out the same tune over and over again. No one was listening. I on the other hand, felt a sense of panic realizing my phone…

Rock Star Wanna Be


Rock Star wanna-be “Hit me with your best shot…” Listening to the Pat Benatar music coming from the surround sound of speakers, and focusing on the guitar-player cues coming across the television screen—I was hooked. In a matter…

Let Me Help You Relax


Learning to relax and let go… Anytime we learn something new, it can feel awkward, uneasy or almost impossible. However, if we set our intention and dedicate our energy to learning- it just takes someone to show you…

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