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Author - Elizabeth Irvine

A Moment’s Peace

Blog, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project, Workshops & Retreats

A MOMENT'S PEACE The inspiration came from a simple sandalwood prayer mala, a graduation gift from my swami. I loved wearing this mala and my yoga students often asked where they could get one too. The idea formed…

Motherly Love

Blog, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project

MOTHERLY LOVE faith, hope, and love Originally inspired to create a version of the Miraculous Mary medal after a retreat to Northern Michigan with my mom some five years ago, we decided to bring her back and make…

Peaceful Busy Bee

Blog, Inspiration

PEACEFUL BUSY BEE I like to think of myself as productive. At the end of the day it feels good to reflect back and feel accomplished. But this satisfaction is very different than feeling the need to be in constant movement- constantly checking things off a list.…

The wings of transformation

Blog, Inspiration

TIME TO REJOICE "The wings of transformation are born of patience and struggle" Janet S. Dickens This week is a special time of year for many faiths- the promise of re-birth. Spring shows us that no one is better to…


Blog, Inspiration

GIRL POWER I recently watched the documentary, The Eagle Huntress. A young Mongolian nomad girl in the most remote part of the least-populated country in the world captivates and inspires. The snowy rocky terrain of the Altai mountains…

More than on the mat

Blog, Books & Audio, Guided Relaxation, Yoga

More than on the Mat For me, yoga is much more than the time spent on the mat. Twenty years ago when I came to know yoga, I went to a weekly Wednesday morning class. I quickly began…

Sacred Space: A Place of Invisible Grace

Blog, Inspiration, Lifestyle, Sacred Space

A Place of Invisible Grace Think about your home. Where is your favorite space? Is it the bathtub, your bedroom, outside patio? Now that you have it in your mind - why is this sacred space so special…

Give LOVE (a month of love: part 2)

Blog, Inspiration

GIVE LOVE   a month of love: part 2 The other day my girlfriend showed up with a box of beautiful french pastries. Her generous act of kindness warmed my heart.  When someone does something authentically heart-felt, it immediately creates…

The Month of Love (Self-Love)

Blog, Inspiration

The Month of Love 4 week series: Part 1 (Self-Love) Today, marks February 1st and St. Valentines Day is around the corner. We like to think of February as the month of LOVE. Self-love is the most important kind of love. Today, create the…

How to Create an Affirmation

Blog, Inspiration, The Jewelry Project

What is an Affirmation? I use the word affirmation interchangeably with sankalpa; a vow, a commitment to myself and a request to guide my choices. The five-thousand-year-old Sanskrit word sankalpa translates as san "union" and kalpa "possiblity" -…

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