Appreciation for our Earth

If we look back into history, crystals and gemstones have held a revered place in our lives. They have been found in the tombs of ancient Egypt, adorning the breastplates of warriors, and sparkling in the crowns of sovereignty.

I believe that appreciating gemstones keeps their energy active and draws them forward into modern times; if we don’t appreciate them, their spirit is stifled, and the synergy drains.

This need for our intention is the same for all of the gifts we have in our lives. Gratitude and appreciation activate the response: Appreciate what we presently have in our life. Treat other human beings how we want to be treated. Take care of the Earth so that we have a balanced and nurturing home for generations to come.

AFFIRM: I am grateful and full of appreciation. In this space my inner and outer world work together in harmony.