Living more regularly at 7,500 feet in Santa Fe, New Mexico brings me more than fresh air to breathe, it brings a feeling of living a little bit closer to God. Space to be gentle on myself. Spirit seems almost tangible here.

Within this new sacred space my soul has more time to speak to me and my heart is asking me to follow what brings me the most joy. Next to the love of my family, happiness is having time to write, paint and create sacred space.

Allie and Sarah have also journeyed on a fresh path, both completed yoga certifications which leads to an old proverb: begin to weave and the divine will provide the thread.

Allie’s energy is now dedicated to the study of the human mind and behavior. Working hard on research, writing and traveling to Pacifica Graduate Institute in Santa Barbara each month for her master’s degree in psychology.

Sarah is continually exploring new ways to express her creativity. Through the curation of her photographs and writing she is developing a new creative platform.

This leads the three of us to announce a decision. The Jewelry Project is going into hibernation. The jewelry will continue until the end of 2018. This past year we have been working on a new and more affordable version of our affirmation vessel, Note to Self. Happily, this design has come to fruition and it will launch in time for Christmas. For the past eight years, our intention with this project was to provide a tangible keepsake to bring you comfort and to give back to other’s in need.

Our deepest gratitude for your loyal support.

Join us. Follow your heart.