With Mother’s Day around the corner, it made me reflect on my role as a mother.

 Society gives recognition or applause for a well-designed skyscraper or a glamorous movie star but gives little notice to parents for their work in guiding and nurturing a child’s soul.

The world defines success as reflected in money, prestige, or academia. But a child who grows into a happy and healthy contributing adult, who creates a better world?–priceless.

Recognize the scope of motherhood with all of its responsibility and deep rewards. I am not saying mothers are responsible for raising perfect children–but kids who know the difference between right and wrong, children with values of compassion, honesty, and integrity. Not for one minute is this satisfying role a waste of my time or gifts. It is right at the heart of the most prestigious and challenging jobs I can undertake.

Being a mother has asked me to reach down into the depths of me and extract out a more beautiful and powerful version of myself.

AFFIRM: My challenges help me uncover the most powerful and beautiful version of me.