For me, each morning holds the new and fresh opportunity to begin again and fully experience magical moments throughout the day. Granted some days feel less magical than others and experiencing enchantment I feel, is truly a life-long practice.

This morning happened to be one of those times when nature’s magic just showed up without too much effort for my noticing.

Walking outdoors with my coffee and journal in hand  excited for the peaceful space to sit and write, I settled in to my lounge chair and slipped off my flip-flops so I could feel my toes move in the soft grass. As I glanced down next to my foot I noticed the most enchanting find. I felt a little like Alice in Wonderland peering through the looking glass as I became transfixed on a single most magical looking mushroom. This sturdy little white stem had sprouted a beautiful miniature umbrella in my garden overnight. This mighty and yet equally delicate creation stood proud and innocent in it’s morning glory.

I quickly abandoned the idea of writing and hurried back inside to grab my camera. On this ordinary summer’s day, I lay down on the morning grass and adjusted my camera’s lens to capture what feels  (to me) like a moment of every day magic. Wishing you all a summer full of enchantment.