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Yoga Nidra: An Online Course to Hone Your Meditation Practice


YOGA NIDRA: An Online Course to Hone your Meditation Practice

It was thirty years ago when I first came to know about the power of relaxation. As I lay flat on my back in the “pose of a corpse,” my eyes lightly closed, a soft blanket covering me with my breath soft and full, time stood still. I heard the voice of my swami yoga teacher,

“In the practice of yoga nidra we deeply relax, form the seed of our sankalpa (a short positive statement), and plant this affirmation in fertile ground to take deep roots and grow.”

In this quiet STILL SPACE, I felt a deep and healing peace, and became re-acquainted with my true nature.

This is the easiest meditation practice I know. Join me.


the course includes:

a short video of a personal experience

content on how and why to practice Yoga Nidra in PDF and Podcast format (in case you prefer to listen instead of read)

guided Yoga Nidra podcast

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