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Be patient, take flight


BE PATIENT, TAKE FLIGHT The virtue of patience helps us understand there is a time for everything. When the time is right, taking flight feels effortless. As we captured the image of this bird contemplating his journey, the…

The Magical Joy of Giving


The Magical Joy of Giving. Our main intention for The Jewelry Project is creating abundance, so that we can use the resources to give back. In helping others, we feel we are helping ourselves too. Just as the…

Autumn 2014 Events

Blog, Uncategorized

Workshops & Jewelry Project Events. Come join the fun.

Soak Up the Sun

Blog, Uncategorized

  Today, is the official start of summer and the longest day of the year. For us living in the Northern Hemisphere that means we will see an average of 14-16 hours of sunlight. In Houston we’ve seen…

The Soul Flows

Blog, Uncategorized

  Family is just the river where the soul flows. –Edgar Cayce

Saying Good-bye to Abbey

Blog, Uncategorized

  Nervous and jittery I sat down in the vet’s sterile exam room. I knew things weren’t good. A wave of emotion came over me. Not a Tsunami-like feeling– it was more like a slow and steady thunderstorm…

Let GO!

Blog, Lifestyle, Uncategorized

When we fight with our thoughts we lose half of our power just by engaging with the thought. The minute we “let go”, we experience neutral space and inner healing begins. In this “space” we can truly be…

Feel Peace Now: Relax and Just Breathe!

Blog, Guided Relaxation, Uncategorized, Yoga

Try out this simple breathing and visualization exercise to stay calm and centered. Whenever you find yourself stressed take a few moments to be with your breath.

Lunch & Learn at the Houstonian

Uncategorized, Workshops & Retreats

For more information and sign up email: yoga@houstonian.com

Believe in YOU

Inspiration, Uncategorized

Make the same deal with yourself that the unicorn made with Alice in “Through the Looking Glass.” If you believe in me, then I’ll believe in you. Alice in Wonderland

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