Our recent interview with Simply Santa Fe.

1.What Inspired to open your business?
A sick child. I was told there was nothing I could do to help our baby son. I dug deeper into the roots of the disease and found answers through a more natural way of living. I became passionate to share my knowledge with others. It began with the publication of my first book, Healthy Mother Healthy Child, which then lead on to developing products to help fund  a sustainable business to educate and empower women and families.

2. My favorite service?
Our Soul Space Retreats and One-to-One Sessions.The purpose of going on a retreat is to temporarily leave behind distractions we all face, for long enough to allow a deep sense of true relaxation, hear the whispers of your heart and allow an inner shift to occur. We are returning to beautiful Sunrise Springs Resort August 23-25th.

If you cannot attend a retreat, Irvine offers a myriad of tools through her one-to-one sessions to keep you grounded in your every day choices and learn how to live in a new way.

3. How important is the local community to our business.?
My experience of the Santa Fe community is an engaged group of people who genuinely want to support each other. I am honored that through Truewellbeing we are able to give back to this caring community. Most recently we promoted a Zuni Artist, Jessie Johnson in collaboration with Keshi. We search out individuals in need, and choose to give directly to them rather than going through an organization. If you know of someone in need, feel free to reach out to us at info@elizabethirvine.com